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Serve Christ by serving the city!                             A Lifestyle not an event!                         A Culture not a program!                              A way of being His Church!                                               The Whole Church                                        Taking the Whole Gospel                                                    To the Whole City!                              

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Voices of Hope
Our 15th consecutive year!
June 28th, 29th & 30th at 7PM
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
New Covenant Bible
3090 North Center Point Road, Cedar Rapids, IA  52411
More to follow!

About Serve The City

Serve The City is a coalition of 40 congregations and 20 non-profit ministries who have agreed to bring resources together to serve the city. When we say “city” we mean ‘the city behind your address.’ (The 40 congregations represent 27 different faith traditions; each tradition has their own unique Statement of Faith.)


Serve The City (STC) is both a noun and a verb. It is our name and it is our intention. Beginning in 1998, we have served together in over 60 different serve the city efforts. We believe one significant way we can serve Jesus Christ is by serving the needs of our cities.


In the Old Testament portion of the Bible there is a verse that begins with “Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you….” The Church has a living mandate from the Lord to be a blessing to our communities and neighborhoods, to actually "seek the welfare’ of the cities we live in.


Our common Statement of Faith is called The Lausanne Covenant (LC). The LC was signed by national church leaders from 150 nations in 1974 in Lausanne Switzerland . The North American Lausanne Committee came into being after The Lausanne Conference in 1974; in 1992 they changed their name to The Mission America Coalition. STC is affiliated with the Mission America Coalition which has leadership from over 80 denominations and 450 national non-profit ministries.


Please note: We do not consider ourselves to be the only true followers of Jesus Christ in this region.