Seek God For The City – 40 Days of Prayer

As we come to Him—seeking His face,
He comes to us—bringing His kingdom.

Seek God for the City is designed to mobilize many to pray with united, sustained vision for people of your community. The daily prayers are all new and different from last year’s prayer guide. The scriptures and topics help God’s people pray with passionate, full-hearted hope. This timely guide will help God’s people in your congregation to pray beyond themselves with confidence and clarity.

We will Seek God in two simple ways: First we will seek God’s face and then we will seek His kingdom. And as we come to God, seeking His face, then He comes to us bringing His kingdom. These are prayers you don’t want to pray alone. Invite your whole congregation to pray along with you. Even better, think about joining your prayers with a few other churches in your community.

The forty days to Palm Sunday makes an ideal time to venture into a season of sustained, hope-filled prayer.

March 1st to April 9th

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