2020 Intelligent Faith Conference Schedule

(times subject to change)

Friday, February 28th
5:30 PM   Doors open
6:30 PM   Alycia Wood: Struggling to Believe
7:20 PM  Del Tackett: The Engagement Part One
8:10 PM   Break
8:30 PM   Nancy Pearcey: Finding Truth
9:30 PM   Q & A with speakers
10:00 PM   Dismiss
10:15 PM   Resource Tables Close

Saturday, February 29th
7:30 AM   Doors open
8:30 AM   Alycia Wood: Why Should I Believe?
9:40 AM   Break
10:25 AM   Del Tackett: The Engagement Part Two
11:30 AM   Lunch
12:30 PM   Nancy Pearcey: Love Thy Body
1:30 PM   Q & A with Nancy Pearcey
2:00 PM   Q & A Speakers Panel
3:00 PM   Conference Concludes
3:20 PM   Resource Tables Close