Our Mission: To pursue unity and health in Christ that leads to collaborative efforts of prayer, care and share to win our city for Christ.

History of Serve the City

Our Mission

Our mission is to visibly demonstrate the love of Christ  to our neighbors in East Central Iowa through collaborative
Prayer ~ Care ~ Share initiatives.

Prayer: Every congregation and ministry be recognized as a House of Prayer for all nations and known for justice, mercy and grace. We desire to raise the level of prayer in our region and to continue the initiative where every person in our region is prayed for, out loud, by name each year.

Care: Every congregation and ministry be recognized as having the loving, caring, compassion of Christ. Every person in our region cared for in some large or small manner as we raise the level of compassion and acts of kindness.

Share: Every congregation and ministry be recognized as having “beautiful feet” bringing the message of our great HOPE, the good news of Christ. In a sensitive and winsome manner we desire to share with every person in our region the Gospel, the good news of salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by 2020.

Our community was privileged to be chosen second of 21 communities designated by The Mission America Coalition as a “pilot city” for the Prayer, Care, Share initiative in 2004. This was an incredible opportunity and challenge to be a unified voice of Christ in this region while being an example and encouragement to leaders of state and city movements across our nation.