Our Mission: To pursue unity and health in Christ that leads to collaborative efforts of prayer, care and share to win our city for Christ.
History of Serve the City

Our Core Values

CHRIST CENTERED: Serve The City (STC) is centered on our common trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

CONGREGATIONAL BASED: We believe that although we serve in different local assemblies and ministries, which are and will remain unique, we are one in Christ.

COMMUNITY FOCUSED: We love the communities in which we live. We want to see them blessed, redeemed, strengthened and empowered to fulfill God’s will. We are preparing our communities to receive Jesus The Christ.  “Now after this the Lord appointed seventy others, and sent them two and two ahead of Him to every city and place where He Himself was going to come.” Luke 10:1 (NAS)

COLLABORATIVE APPROACH: STC exists as a platform for pastors, ministries and followers of Christ to practically serve their neighbors together. STC is a “way” to answer two questions: What can we do together that we can not do alone? What can we do better together?

SERVANT ATTITUDE: We are following the example of our Lord Jesus The Christ who said:
“I did not come to be served but to serve” and “I am among you as the one who serves” as well as  “As the Father has sent Me so send I you.”

CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION: Seeing the answer to this prayer… “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.”

SUSTAINABLE PACE: Allowing wisdom to build the house! We are involved in “A lifestyle, not an event! A culture not a program! A marathon, not a sprint.”